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Record-Breaking Heat Wave Bakes Americans

A record-breaking heat wave is expected to sweep across the United States later this week. Temperatures in some areas are expected to break records, including the state of Texas, which is currently experiencing the highest daily heat index on record. The Northeast is expected to experience high humidity that pushes heat indices into the low 100s. While the heat wave will likely end after this week, the forecast does not say what the effects will be on the country’s economy and health.

The heatwave, which will continue through the summer of 2022, has already affected the U.S. and Europe. Multiple cities in California experienced record-breaking heat during the second week of February 2022, with Palm Springs suffering the worst. The heatwave will also impact the South and Plains, with temperatures reaching a record high in St. Louis, Missouri, on June 15.

Parts of Texas, the Plains, and coastal mid-Atlantic will remain under triple-digit heat on Thursday and Friday. Parts of Kansas, Missouri, and Tennessee will also have temperatures of over 100 degrees. In total, one in five Americans will be subjected to the uncomfortable heat this week. In addition to the worst parts of the country, this scorcher is expected to continue through the weekend. While the Northeast will not be hit with soaring temperatures, heat advisories are being issued for more than 105 million people across the U.S.

As global warming continues to increase temperatures around the world, extreme heat events will become more frequent. Death Valley, California, and other areas in the Southwestern United States are already experiencing record temperatures. The heat wave continued into July, causing widespread forest fires and severe drought conditions. In Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa all experienced their second-warmest Julys on record. These three cities will be feeling the effects for weeks.

A deadly heat wave is baking the U.S. with triple-digit temperatures expected in parts of the South Central US. As of Tuesday, more than a hundred million people were under heat advisories and warnings in more than two dozen states. A few areas in Texas and Louisiana have triple-digit temperatures. A heat advisory is still in place across many parts of Texas.

Philadelphia is currently experiencing a “heat caution” through Thursday, so residents should stay inside to avoid extreme heat. During that time, Philadelphia’s public health department is activating special field teams, which will visit homes and conduct outreach to people experiencing homelessness. In addition, the city is providing more than 50 splash pads for residents to stay cool. There are still warnings for a dangerous heat event throughout the country, and it is a good idea to stay inside to prevent possible heat-related injuries.

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