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Italy’s Mario Draghi Calls For Confidence Vote

Mario Draghi, Prime Minister of Italy, has asked the Senate to approve a motion calling for a confidence vote to determine the future of the government. The confidence vote is critical because it will decide if the government can stay in office. Draghi called for unity from his coalition partners during his speech earlier in the day. It may also lead to early elections.

Mattarella has rejected Draghi’s resignation, meaning he must go to Parliament to decide the fate of the government. Draghi, however, appealed for unity in his speech to the Senate, setting out the problems facing Italy, including the war in Ukraine, rising prices, and social inequality. The Five-Star Movement and right-wing Forza Italia voted against the vote, while the League parties backed Mattarella’s opposition.

As the political turmoil in Italy continues, a short-lived limited government may be formed. Giorgia Meloni, the finance minister, could become prime minister. The Italian debt-ridden nation is suffering under increasing borrowing costs as the European Central Bank tightens monetary policy. Letta’s coalition party, Brothers of Italy, has warned that the next few months will be difficult.

Despite the opposition, Draghi’s coalition would have had a working majority if not for the five-Star Movement. The Senate vote could also have led to early elections in the fall, but the 5-Star Movement did not back the government’s energy relief bill. Meanwhile, Mattarella’s coalition partners would only remain in the government if they were excluded from the government. Otherwise, the govt could dissolve parliament and call an early election.

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