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L & S Live Reflects Creators’ Combined Talents

Standing out in a sea of podcasts and radio shows is no easy feat to pull off. But for the dynamic duo of Lucinda “L” Collis and Sharifah “S” Hardie, it’s just another day at the office. Read More

Grandmother Saves Intended Victims From Rental Property Scams Through Fireball Approves Investigations

Tammy Sorrento planned to rent a home for a vacation with her grandchildren in Key West, Florida. She found a property that seemed perfect, but something told her it was too good to be true. By following her instincts, and using her previous experience as an insurance investigator Tammy found the listing was, in fact, a scam.…
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How to Get In The News With Sharifah and Adam Kipnes.

Sharifah Hardie, also known as ‘Ask Sharifah’ created her first website in 1994, launched her first talk radio show in 2009 and is an expert at raising capital. Sharifah is CEO of X Roads TV, In The News PR and In The News Magazine. Read More


SUCCESS AS AN ENTREPRENEUR Episode 23 – Sharifah Hardie – CEO of, , nd Read More

Sharifah Hardie Releases New Book Titled ‘Signs You Might Be An Entrepreneur: How to Discover the Entrepreneur in You’

An eye-opening guide that emphasizes the value of entrepreneurship in the business world today.  Read More

131: Sharifah Hardie – How to make your business website more effective

Sharifah is the CEO of X ROADS TV. She is a business consultant, radio host, and influencer. With over twenty five years of business experience, Sharifah has positioned herself to be one of the top executives in entertainment Read the full interview here

Dr. Azar, Genesis Medical Center

Dr. Azar Managing Partner from Genesis Medical Center on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast for this very informative show.  Read More

Life After The Guaranteed Paycheck

An expert business consultant is using her experience in rising from the bottom to the top. Read More

Today’s Rising Star Guiding Businesses to Success

Sharifah Hardie has not only mastered these professions but is helping others to achieve success in. Read More

Climbing the Ladder in Heels with Karen Otis

chat with Sharifah about how she became a girlboss entrepreneur extraordinaire! Read more