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Much has changed since the invention of the Internet. Reporters move faster. They have easy access to information, and are constantly bombarded with new information. No longer can a PR firm pitch clever ideas and expect journalists to drive the story.

PR work now requires packaging entire stories that are compelling, comprehensive and credible. They include background, history and well-informed sources. Spokespeople need to be prepared with talking points that suit the story. When these elements go astray, journalists disengage, and the campaign falls flat.

At In The News PR, we package stories in ways that reporters prefer. It makes their job easier, and compels them to return for more. Our expertise includes press release creation and distribution, press conferences, trade publications, media interviews, red carpet appearances, media training, broadcast preparation, story pitching, crisis communications and social media content creation.

We can provide these unique services for your brand and your business. With over 25 years of developing media relationships we can get your business In The News! 

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In The News PR is more than just a PR firm. We are an unconventional PR agency that helps our clients increase their exposure and media interest through thoughtful storytelling and strategic media campaigns.  Drop us a line 562-822-0965 or complete the form below to see how our agency can get you and your company In The News!


Every company has a story; we’re here to tell it. We communicate our clients’ visions by bringing timely, honest and compelling stories to the right audiences. In The News PR focuses on effectively raising awareness and telling your brand’s story through news coverage and improved search visibility. More than a PR firm, In The News PR is your public relations partner.


The evolution of digital media has blurred the lines between PR and social media. At In The News PR, we strategically integrate the best methods of media relations, digital marketing and website analytics to drive value and impact for our clients. Our social strategies and creatives are based on data to better identify and engage the right influencers for your brand.


Stories come to life and get greater traction when supported by engaging creative assets. We leverage our design capabilities and digital marketing know how to enhance our PR and social campaigns. Depending on the audience and strategy, In The News PR can create digital and physical collateral materials that amplify and reinforce the outreach programs.


Speaking engagements further establish your band as industry experts and thought leaders. Our team manages speaking opportunities from start to finish. We develop your event calendars, obtain media opportunities using radio, podcast and print opportunities, and connect speakers with key event attendees.

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